What Can I Make for You?


I firmly believe that art is for everyone. So whether you’d like to learn some creative techniques or want a special piece of art for your home, let me add a little art to your life.


custom artwork


graphic design


I love helping people learn techniques and gain creative confidence. Learn with a structured curriculum or by working on personal projects that excite you. All styles are welcome and encouraged.

(Sorry, I can’t teach oil painting. We don’t get along!)

Ask Me About Lessons

  • individual lessons or small groups
  • online or in-person (metro Atlanta only)
  • available for kids, teens, and adults
  • mediums available:
    • drawing skills
    • watercolor painting
    • digital illustration
    • comics + sequential art
    • polymer clay
    • cosplay basics
    • knitting + needle felting


I can make a wide variety of artwork to your specifications. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Just ask!

  • landscapes
  • pet portraits
  • house portraits
  • character designs
  • book illustrations
  • concept art

Ask Me About Commissions

mediums available:

  • traditional dry media
    • graphite
    • charcoal
    • chalk pastel
  • traditional wet media
    • inkwash
    • watercolor
    • block print
  • fiber arts
    • needle felting
    • embroidery
  • digital illustration (all media types)


styles available:

  • realism
  • painterly
  • sketchy
  • block print stylization
  • modern tattoo flash
  • US sequential art
    • 1930s simplified styles
    • 1990s animation
  • Japanese sequential art
    • early 2000s shojo manga


Ms. Frizzle costume

From 2004 – 2012, I was heavily involved in the cosplay community. I created 5 – 10 costumes per year and competed at conventions. (If you’re curious, I was 1/3 of the group WEGO4KYOU. I think some of our skits are still floating around the intarwebs.)

Life intervened, so I don’t cosplay much for myself anymore. But! I still enjoy creating screen-accurate, gravity-defying outfits to bring your favorite character to life.

Ask Me About Cosplay

  • costume construction
  • wig styling


wedding invitation suite

“Always be branding” ~Omin Dran


(Please note that I don’t provide printing services.)

Ask Me About Design

  • business branding
    • logos
    • business cards
    • vinyl banners
    • advertising layouts